I offer several services to fit your needs. Need extensive help with your English? Check out my coaching packages. Just need a quickie? Try a consulting session. Taking classes? You want tutoring.


So English wasn't your best subject. You can't remember "affect" from "effect." Your boss seems to think you need all the office projects. Maybe you want to start your own business, but you're afraid no one will take your grammar seriously. Let's talk. You can be the stunning debutante at work or on the web block. Let me help you master English.

I offer two different coaching packages:

For $66, you hire me for two weeks and get 2 one-hour Skype sessions, recordings of each session, a personalized plan for better writing, and unlimited emailing for the two weeks.

For $132, you hire me for one month and get 4 one-hour Skype sessions, recordings of each session, a personalized plan for better writing, and unlimited emailing for the month.


Maybe you're a little rusty on your grammar. Maybe you've got an important project coming up at work. You need to dazzle your clientele and convince your boss to triple your salary -- or at least give you a nice bonus. Contact me to schedule some time to polish your work into the sparkling gem you are.

A consulting session costs $33 for a 1 hour Skype session, a personalized plan for better writing, and a recording of the session.

Tutoring Services in Northwest Georgia

I offer English tutoring for Northwest Georgia. Subjects include writing, grammar, reading, proofreading, and vocabulary from elementary to college level.

Sessions can be scheduled from 1 to 4 hours depending upon need and availability. We will meet at a public location, such as a library, book store, coffee shop, or another mutually agreed upon location. Sessions can be booked up to a day before the requested meeting. A two hour notice is required for cancellation.

I serve Walker, Catoosa, and Dade counties. For a flat rate fee of $10, I will also travel to the greater Chattanooga or Dalton areas. For students meeting within a 20 minute distance or online, I will also offer sliding scale fees. Proof of income and family size must be presented in order to qualify for sliding scale rates.

Annual Income Hourly Rate
At or Below Federal Poverty Line $8.00
Between 101% and 120% Federal Poverty Line $10.00
Between 121% and 140% Federal Poverty Line $12.00
Between 141% and 160% Federal Poverty Line $14.00
Between 161% & 180% Federal Poverty Line $16.00
Between 181% & 199% Federal Poverty Line $18.00
At or Above 200% Federal Poverty Line $20.00

I received a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Florida in December 2006. I focused on writing while studying at UF. I am very comfortable with the MLA style and feel well qualified to edit and assist students with their English skills. In addition to being a graduate of the English department at UF, I have home schooled my oldest child. I would love to tutor your child because I realize just how important it is to work with each student as an individual. Each student has his or her own learning style, and different methods of teaching and tutoring can make a huge difference in his or her grades. I also believe that income should not be a barrier to educational success. Every student deserves the opportunity to succeed and overcome economic disadvantages. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking, baking, drawing, writing, reading, listening to music, and researching topics that interest me. Please contact me at I look forward to working with you!